Episode 17: Matthew Mayer Interviews Movie Director, Anthony D’Ambrosio

Movie Director, Anthony D’ Ambrosio shares with Matthew Mayer, the remarkable, daunting, rewarding, story behind his most recent film “Triumph of the Heart,” along with sharing personal experiences into his own journey that lead to the making of this film.

Triumph of the Heart (Triumph of the Heart) is a feature film about St. Maximilian Kolbe and his companions’ triumph over darkness. Where most stories about Kolbe end, when he volunteers to take the place of a prisoner in an Auschwitz hunger cell – This story starts there…..In Triumph of the Heart, St. Kolbe joins nine condemned men in a starvation bunker and fights to forge a brotherhood of hope in the darkest place on earth.

You can support this film on Kickstarter Here: https://www.kickstarter.com/…/triumph-of-the-heart-0

In Anthony’s own words from the Triumph of the Heart Kickstarter Page:

“I grew up Catholic. Went to seminary. Left seminary. Fell in love. But just before I got engaged… I got sick. An undiagnosed medical condition destroyed my life. I couldn’t sleep, my relationship ended, I could barely hold down my job, and there was no cure or end in sight. Amid that darkness, I lost my faith, and I wanted to die. But Kolbe’s story stuck with me. As I meditated on how Kolbe built a brotherhood in that dark place, a light broke through. I wrote this story to share Kolbe’s answer to my suffering and doubt with a world that desperately needs it. Kolbe is a saint for us and for our age.”

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