Episode 9 – Getting Your Song Placed – Music Supervision with Doug Diamond

Matthew Mayer interviews renowned music supervisor, Doug Diamond, talking about getting your song placed, what an artist should be considering when submitting their music to get placed in a TV or commercial, and the one thing NOT to do when trying to get your song placed through a music supervisor.

Engineer, Producer, Music Supervisor, Doug Diamond has been writing, recording, producing, mixing and mastering music for most of his life. He has over 25 years of experience in the industry. A former staff engineer at world-famous Ocean Way Recording in Los Angeles, he graduated with honors from the recording program at The Grove School of Music (1990) and completed his Music Business Master Certification from the Berklee College of Music between 2010-2012.

In his Ocean Way days, Doug worked with many top recording artists such as Natalie Cole, Bonnie Raitt, Stevie Nicks, The B-52’s, Meatloaf, Michael Bolton, Mick Fleetwood, Michael Jackson and many others, as well as with some of the top record producers in the world such as T-Bone Burnett, Don Was and film composer Hans Zimmer. Doug was also involved in a number of Hollywood films such as The Hand That Rocks The Cradle, The Power Of One, several Disney films, and Levi’s Jeans TV commercials.

Since then, he has had the opportunity to work on thousands of independent artist’s projects from all walks of life, from all over the world, in most musical genres, as well as projects for major labels, major publishing companies, indie music companies, TV production companies and many others.

Matthew Mayer – Twitter: www.twitter.com/mayersolopiano

Doug Diamond – Twitter: www.twitter.com/diamondisc

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