Episode 15 – The Will Ackerman Interview

Will Ackerman, Founder of Windham Hill Records, and one of the greatest Record Producers of our times, talks with Matthew Mayer about music, life, creative approaches, mentorships and more. This intimate and real conversation highlights the Grammy Award Winner’s journey, key moments throughout his life, and how he became an instrumental figure for so many artists and listeners throughout the world.

Will released his first album “In Search of the Turtle’s Navel” from his very own label, Windham Hill Records decades ago. He has gone on to release albums by well known artists like George Winston, Alex De Grassi, Robbie Basho and More. With over a 45 year professional career, Will Ackerman’s recordings and performances have touched millions of lives.

Will Ackerman continues to work as a producer out of the studio he has built in Dummerston, Vermont – Imaginary Road Studios.

More information on William Ackerman can be found at https://www.williamackerman.com

More information on Matthew Mayer can be found at https://www.matthewmayer.com

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